We have all seen the ads about“is Your Computer Running Slow” but it is a legit question. Malware and Viruses are sneaky little or not so little problems that are designed to steal from you.  If nothing else they waste your time by having to see if there are any on your system then determine if you want them there or if the stole or wasted anything else. We have several programs that we use to check your systems.   This site has several options depending on the amount of service you want and what you want to pay.  Their programs have done a good job for me.  This Antivirus program has options from free to in the $30 is range.  It works well and does not slow down the system too much. This defragmentor program Organizes your files.  If you have a solid state drive do not use this.  The Solid state drives wear out by writing to them so defragmenting will write a lot to the drive.  Also Solid state drives do not have the mechanical slow down by having the read/write head to move over the spinning disk it just gets the data just as fast as if it were all together.   The mechanical drives do need to be defragmented for the same reason.  Crap Cleaner is a program that cleans a lot of the mess that programs leave behind in their normal use.  It looks for a lot of Crap and clean it up.  Read the instructions.  Good Program.  May need to be run several times. 

If you need Data Recovered.  Shut off your computer now and do not run it until the data is recovered.  Data that is erased is unprotected and any program that wants to use the space that the data currently is on will be written over.  Submit the form below.

These programs are what I use and do a good job.  If you are not sure on how to go through your system then we can do that for you.    I hope this helps. 

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